Zodiac Crystals and Birthstones

The following is by no means all the crystals and gemstones for a specific zodiac sign or birthstone. These are simply the more commonly recommended crystals for your specific sign or month. — Under each zodiac sign, you will find the birthstones for both months for that sign. Compare your astrological birthstones with the ones for your birth month. The “emotional crystals” are ones that can help balance common emotional problems for that specific zodiac sign. The below information is for Sun signs. However, if you do not resonate with the crystals listed below for your particular month or Sun sign then you may resonate more with the crystals for your Moon sign or Ascendant (Rising) sign. The Astrolabe website has an excellent free astrology chart. Fill in the information and it will give your personal astrology chart including your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. The book “The Crystal Zodiac” by Judy Hall gives more crystal suggestions specifically for Moon and Ascendant/Rising signs.

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