How to prepare the Prosperity basket for the year of the Water Rabbit (2023)

The model in this video is the one we use in our prosperity basket set. It is made of breakable plastic, so vulnerable when shipping internationally. To those who live in other countries, please choose a feng shui wealth bowl in silver or copper/brass. We have different models in our online store. But of course, you can also order the set according to the video, if you prefer this item. Click here to buy.

A must-have in welcoming the year 2023 is the prosperity basket set for wealth, health, prosperity, harmony, and good luck for career and business. Choose the preferred size of your BOWL (alternative product), I suggest a bigger bowl for these items below. (Please check the sizes of the items). Fill with 12 auspicious objects as mentioned below, the new year’s sign, the metal rabbit for 2023.

Feng shui Pure Copper Jubao Basin/Bowl for Prosperity Arrangement in different sizes

Chinese Zodiac Animal Statue

NOTE: You don’t need to have all the items listed here. Just pick items that symbolize your intentions for example, if your intentions are wealth and health, you can choose the money bar and the gourd. The laughing Buddha is good for financial well-being. Please refer to the descriptions of each item below.

The 12 auspicious symbols can be as follows:

Art. No. 3898043FOHS
MONEY BAR – are an ancient Chinese gold medium for exchanging expensive goods. They are made to look like smiley faces because gold ingots trigger happiness when one sees them. Gold ingots have been designed by ancient Feng Shui masters with a perfect shape to emit wealth chi. They were owned in ancient times by high-ranking officials, emperors, and tycoons only. Gold ingots are highly recommended by all Feng Shui masters as the symbol of wealth and abundance.

Chines Ingots or Gold bars of different colors and sizes

Pi Yao or Pixiu, the most powerful money catcher, drives out negative energy and attracts good luck.

Pure Copper Feng Shui Lucky Wealth Pixiu Statue

Gourd is for health

Chinese Style Feng Shui Crystal Gourd For Desk Ornament for Lucky and Healthy Family

LAUGHING BUDDHA – is believed to be a symbol that brings prosperity to one’s life. Of all the Buddha symbols, this is the most popular one. It can bring happiness, wealth, and prosperity in a personal and professional spheres. In my personal life, the Laughing Buddha is believed to bring happiness. But when one looks at the meaning of feng shui symbols, one can understand that the Laughing Buddha is more of a sign of financial well-being. (Alternative product) You can of course buy different models for your basket or bowl.

Solid Brass Buddha Small Ornament Antique Bronze

LUCKY COIN – symbolize prosperity, abundance and good fortune, the circle in the center represent the chi of heaven. The Union of heaven and earth will be the most effective for the attracting flow of prosperity and good luck to your life – this will keep wealth energy constantly beside you, ensure a greater flow of monetary gains, attracting the energy of wealth and money. Protection and good luck cure.

Antique Pure Copper Coin 30 Cm Mystique Knot

MONEY ROG – A fortune or the 3-legged frog is a symbol of promises and great prosperity. Fortune frogs play a prominent role in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. They symbolize wealth and prosperity and, when used in your home or business, they bring money and good fortune your way. (Alternative 1, Alternative 2)

Toad Fengshui Front Desk Decoration For Prosperity and Wealth

Lotus for love (can be used as incense burner)

Glass Hand-made Lotus Flower Incense Burner

Red envelope or hongbao with several banknotes, preferably the highest currency denomination

Arowana/Fish is a symbol of a good harvest.

Peanut for wealth

Chinese cabbage for bountiful blessing and good luck.

Double happiness egg– for wholesome love and relationship within the family.

The above items are just my recommendation. Of course, you can buy any of the models and items on our website and combine them yourself as you wish. Buying these items as a set will give you 10%.

ALTERNATIVE SET NO. 2 Article no. 3898043FJGS

  1. Crystal Ingots or money bar (alternative product)
  2. Pi Xiu or Pi Yao
  3. Gourd
  4. Arowana Fish
  5. Lucky coin
  6. Lucky Toad
  7. Laughing Buddha
  8. Double happiness egg
  9. Red envelope or hongbao
  10. Chinese cabbage
  11. Peanut
  12. Lotus flower
    Zodiac Animal sign, which will be changed every year in accordance with the corresponding year’s sign. You can choose any of our Feng shui wealth bowls to place these items in.

You can choose any bowl you want. Be sure to choose the right size for your items to fit in.
Pi Xiu or Pi Yao
Laughing Buddha
Lucky Frog
Arowana Fish
Lucky Coins

You can choose any bowl you want. Be sure to choose the right size for your items to fit in.
Lucky Coins 8 pcs is advisable
Zodiac Animal Alternative Product (2021 Metal Ox)
Ingots or Money bar
Lucky Toad/3-legged frog

You can choose any bowl you want. Be sure to choose the right size for your items to fit in.
Laughing Buddha Buddha2 Buddha3 Buddha4 (You can also have several types of Buddhas in your bowl)
Lucky Toad/3-legged frog

You can also select the items yourself for your set, just search them on the search box.

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