Why is Obsidian so Powerful?

Black obsidian has long been toted for its metaphysical abilities and historically significant uses. This structureless rock is also known as volcanic glass because of its smooth, reflective luster. This stone forms when volcanic lava cools too rapidly to form crystalline structures. In the Stone Age, civilizations around the world used black obsidian stone to create arrowheads, spears, and cutting tools. While still used as a cutting tool in some modern-day industries, obsidian is more useful on a personal level when trying to emotionally slice away negative energy. Facing the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of ourselves is hard, but obsidian makes it easier. Through showing you a reflection of your true self, the Black Obsidian meaning forces you to accept yourself entirely.

The Obsidian was used by ancient people to build axes and arrowheads. It was also used by spiritualists, light workers, alchemists, and Native American shamans during their healing rituals.
No wonder Obsidian is considered a powerful protection and healing stone.

Let’s count the ways how powerful the obsidian is.

  1. Protects against psychic smog. Obsidian is like a psychic vacuum cleaner. It gets rid of energy vampires from your life as well as negative emotions, attachments, patterns, and thoughts.
  2. Acts like a mirror. It lets you discover your true self. It confronts your deepest, darkest fears then helps you eliminate them. It gets rid of anything that hinders your personal growth.
  3. Keeps you healthy. It warms your extremities. It reduces ailments like arthritis pain, joint problems and cramps. It detoxifies the body and gets rid of infections.
  4. Helps you think clearly. It brings clarity to your mind. It helps you stay focused and remain grounded. it sharpens your mental skills and gives you the power of discernment.
  5. Attracts what you need. Obsidian helps you tap into the powers of the Law of Attraction. It helps you reap wealth, prosperity, and abundance. And it is also said to turn bad luck into good.

The black obsidian healing properties help you to release any disharmony that has built up in your day-to-day life, whether it during work on yourself or work with others. It is a powerful tool to use for aura cleansing or gemstone massage to release any stress or tension that has built up throughout the day.

Wearing Obsidian jewelry is one great way to acquire all its’ benefits. Here are some gorgeous pieces to choose from.

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May 10, 2024

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