How to make money flow into your life?

Has your wallet been feeling a little empty lately? Maybe it’s time to turn to an unconventional source for a little help.
There are a lot of crystals on our online store that have the power to help you achieve a prosperous financial future.
Here are the top 3 of the most effective when it comes to attracting wealth, prosperity & good fortune.

*Considered “The Lucky Merchant’s Stone”, it is closely associated with financial success.
*Also known as the Premier Manifestation Stone which may be used to manifest prosperity.
*Known to overcome roadblocks when it comes to earning money.
*Helps keep your funds intact.
*Encourages you to share in order to create a circle of wealth which will *benefit both yourself and others.

Check out our Citrine God of Wealth Bracelet. It brings excellent business luck and can prevent financial losses and being robbed or cheated.

*Helps you go beyond your own self-imposed limitations especially when you feel you are not worthy to receive money.
*Gives you energy and helps you focus when working towards your financial goals.
*Encourages you to have a positive mindset about money.
*Lets you visualize yourself working, earning and using your earnings wisely.
*Guides you in making the right decisions about finances and personal wealth.

Our Pixiu Abundance Protection Jade Bracelet has a Pixiu talisman which is known to bring riches into the home or workplace, and makes sure it stays there. It is also said to be a dominant attractor of money.

*Known to bring luck when starting a business.
*Keeps you sensible about money.
*Helps you hold on to your assets while preventing you from being too greedy.
*Brings luck and good fortune.
*Prevents impulse buying.

Owning a Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet will give you the courage and confidence to accomplish whatever you set out to do. This includes dealing wisely with money matters and improving your financial affairs.

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