What you should know about Leo Season

It’s officially Leo season, and whether you’re a Leo or not, the sun being in this sign is going to affect how you feel and over the next few weeks. Here are some important things to know about Leo season…

Leo is a fire sign
Fire is the element of action, movement and creation. Leo is not afraid to take the spotlight and receive attention. In Leo season, you should expect to hunger more for acknowledgment and praise, along with a desire to have more fun.

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Leo takes charge
With the sun and the fire element combined in Leo, the energy at this time can make you feel regal and authoritative. You might feel happy to take charge where before you’d usually stay in the background.

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Freedom and self-expression
Leo season can offer you the freedom to express yourself and truly be yourself, moving through life in the way you always wanted to. It’s a time to get creative, whether that means finally doing an art project you always wanted to, doing singing lessons or participating a protest.

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Those are just one of the ways that you might be affected when the sun is in Leo. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Leo season!

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