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The yellow color of the Citrine Stone has earned it the name the “Sun Stone” because it was thought to be capable of holding sunlight. But aside from harnessing the sun’s energy,  Citrine is just as popularly know as the Manifestation Stone. It helps you acquire whatever you want in life – money, success, relationships – when you combine the stone with the power of affirmation. Citrine is most commonly used to manifest wealth, prosperity, and abundance. And because its yellow color is associated with gold, it has also become known as the Merchant’s Stone due to its ability to increase cash flow.But aside from all the monetary benefits that Citrine can provide, it is also one of those crystals which do not store any negativity. It is a happy stone that gets rid of negative feelings and emotions and replaces them with positive energy. It is a spiritual cleanser that re-energizes and rejuvenates your spirit. Because it carries with it the power of the sun, Citrine helps a person’s sense of self become more radiant. It eliminates stress and negativity and instead brings your spirit to a quiet, refreshing place. If you want wealth and success to enter your life, make sure to keep this powerful crystal on your desk or in the place where you do most of your business. This will help open up more opportunities to boost your wealth. And if you are already doing well financially, it will help you stay grounded and stop you from becoming too attached to your wealth. Citrine holds the power to make all your dreams and wishes come true. Just make sure to be thankful for what you already have, and the rest of it will follow.  Manifest abundance now

Happiness • Positivity • AbundanceThe stone for attracting money and wealth. Wearing authentic natural citrine can enhance money luck and bring prosperity since citrine gemstone is well known as the stone of wealth.ABOUT CITRINE:Citrine is known to be the premier manifestation stone. When combined with the power of your affirmation and intention, it is a powerful stone for helping with the manifestation of prosperity and abundance. It is one of the few crystals that does not store any negativity. This stone can help you:

  • Brings excellent business luck, attracts abundance, fortune and wealth
  • Has the extra power to help prevent financial losses or from being robbed, cheated or assaulted
  • It can help with digestive disorders and poor blood circulation
  • Citrine is also recognized as a happy stone that dispels all negativities and gloom around it. Great for smoothing discords
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