The Secret to Wealth and Good Fortune

Do you ever find yourself wishing that money would flood into your life effortlessly? Do you dream of manifesting good luck, wealth, and happiness? Then today’s featured trinket is for you!

Features Citrine, the number 1 stone for attracting money and wealth
Powerful stone for manifesting abundance and good fortune
Protects against financial losses and prevents money from leaving your life
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Citrine The God of Wealth and Good Luck Bracelet US $22.02
(US $26.52)

Citrine is a stone associated with money, luck and prosperity. And it is also known as the premier manifestation stone. This means that owning this stone, combined with the power of your intentions can help you manifest whatever you want in life.
Here are other benefits Citrine can provide:
-Dispels negative energy and gloom
-Helps you live in the light and fulfil your dreams
-Prevents financial losses and bad luck
-Manifest abundance and personal power
-Creates harmony and is considered a happy stone

If you want wealth to flow into your life then check out our Citrine The God of Wealth Bracelet. This bracelet is perfect to give away as gifts. Think of it as sharing the wealth with those you love.
So go ahead. A life filled with prosperity and abundance is now in your hands.

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