The Right Healing Crystals For You

You see them almost everywhere. Beautiful stones of varying hues, shapes and sizes. Known for their metaphysical healing properties, crystals are fast becoming so mainstream rather than alternative that celebrities like Adele, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Olsen Twins and Kate Hudson are firm believers in their power.

Crystals are formed when liquid rock, otherwise known as magma, cools and hardens. And their various, gorgeous colors appear depending on the chemicals present as it hardens.

There are several types of crystals – rose quartz, obsidian, citrine, turquoise, tiger’s eye, amethyst and many more. And each one is imbued with certain mystical characteristics that can make a huge, positive impact in your life.

But because there are so many kinds of crystals out there, it could be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Crystal healers also claim that you don’t choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you.

First things first: Identify what you feel you’re missing before looking into what stones can provide you. This will help you indicate what’s going on within yourself before depending on outside sources.
From there, just let your intuition choose what’s best for you. Whether a crystal catches your eye or you can feel a physical pull toward one, your inner subconscious will help guide you to the crystal that’s right for you.
Once it’s pick out, you can create the connection you need.

To help you get started on the selection process, here are some things to consider:

  1. Follow your intuition. If you’re buying your crystal from a brick and mortar store, go to the crystal area, close your eyes and run your hands over the crystals. Then choose the one that you feel most drawn to. Go with your gut feeling. crystals
  2. Ask the universe. Pose the question, “Lead me to the crystal I need.” Make sure to happily accept whatever crystal comes your way. Don’t go looking for it with too much judgment or preconceived expectations. Trust that the right crystal will find you.
  3. Feel the energy. Hold a crystal in your hand then gently squeeze it. Observe the physical and emotional sensations that result from touching it. Is your palm building heat? Are you feeling calm or energized? If you like the feeling then that’s the one.
  4. Analyze its properties. Each crystal has unique powers. Some provide physical healing, others serve as an emotional or spiritual balm, and some even help unlock your psychic abilities. So pick one based on your need. Also, let the 6 chakras guide you.
  5. Do it by dowsing. This method uses a pendulum, or a dowsing rod to help you choose your crystal. Work out your pendulum’s movement based on a yes or no answer. Then hold it over the crystal and ask “Do I need the crystal?”

Remember that it is not uncommon for you to end up with more than one crystal. What is important is for you to have an open mind about its positive qualities. Who knows, these beautiful stones may surprise you.

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