Friendly reminder to those who have Pi Xiu/Pi Yao Bracelets

I just want to remind you that you should watch my YouTube playlist “Pixiu Bracelet to learn how to use and take care of the bracelet. It is not just to buy and wear them and then wait for things to happen like money raining from heaven. It won’t work that way. There are things you need to consider which is not always easy to do but you will be amazed at what Pixiu can give you in return if you take very good care of it. Just think positive always and don’t ever lose hope. I had cancer, and I was near to death many times but I never lost my trust in God. I really feel blessed and lucky. Thanks to God of course and my friend Pixiu. I hope you’ll do the same, take care of your Pixiu just like a loving pet that gives you happiness. Although Pixiu is very generous to his master, not all people can have him. If you belong to these groups as follows, please don’t use it.
-Evil-minded People
-People Showing No Respect to Pi Xiu
-Those Who Want to Get Rich Quickly
-People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy
-Pregnant Women
-People under the Zodiac Sign of Rabbit, Dog and Tiger
-Women who have a monthly period
-People Suffering from Indigestion or Constipation
-While making love
I’ve explained everything in this video: Have more luck everyone!

Please don’t ever come complaining if the Pixiu don’t work for you if you don’t follow my advice. You must honestly and devotedly believe in its power. If you have the slightest doubt, don’t use it.

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