How to attract money using your old and worn out wallet?

This video is about attracting money by using an old and worn out wallet.

If your wallet is worn out, buy a new one that will give you even more luck and wealth. Here are feng shui wallets to attract wealth
We offer engraving of your name on several models.

Free Engraving Genuine Leather Wallet Cell Phone Pocket Long Purse with Zipper Money Bag

US $36.90 / lot
US $61.50 (-40% off)

Please visit our online store to buy your wallet. Most of the models include engraving of your name or logo.
We also have The original Feng Shui Lucky Wallet with the Chinese dragon symbol to attract more money. The Chinese dragon is seen as lucky and good. It is a symbol of being lucky, propitious, powerful and noble, quite different to the evil monsters, dangerous, fire breathing dragons as they are a portrait in western stories. The Dragon has always been a powerful symbol of success and courage. This wallet is specially designed to bring a fuel to growth, success and prosperity and luck. To enjoy a more fruitful life, invite the Dragon into your life and empower all your financial matters with good energy by placing your credit cards and cash in this beautiful Dragon Wallet. Carry it to harness the good vibrations.

Vintage Genuine Leather Men’s Wallets Unique Brand and Design with Chinese Dragon
US $21.27 / lot
US $23.39 (-9% off)
Chinese Dragon Vintage 100% Genuine Leather Wallet Brand Unique Design Short Purse Cardholder
US $21.90 

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