Beware of Lucky Charms because not everybody is compatible with them

February 12, 2021, Year of the Metal OX and will last until January 30th, 2022. This year symbol change every year, in 2022, it will be the year of the tiger, then, rabbit, dragon and so on.

Celebrating the Lunar new year 2021 means having ox symbols in our home either hanging the symbols or placing them on a particular place in our house. We have home decor that we hang on our door like these items. But when buying these items with the zodiac sign symbols, please be careful if you are not compatible with the zodiac sign of the current year. If you or any in your household are not compatible, it may not give you good luck as it was intended.

Prayers are still the best protection and adding with hard work and perseverance plus your favorite lucky charms and feng shui cures, then you will get luck, I promise you. Apply the law of attraction; just think positive and believe in yourself that you will succeed, and it will happen.

Feng shui is just a kind of help to those who have problems, no matter what the problem is, there is always a feng shui cure which is appropriate to each problem. It is like a doctor if you are sick, a lawyer to defend the accused. Feng shui cures and enhancers are for relieving bad luck in one’s life and bring you good luck and good fortune.

A reminder also for the new Lunar year is to prepare an offering with the prosperity basket, that will bring you good luck and good fortune for the whole year. These are just some ways for the Chinese on how to celebrate the New Year. We can also use this for the Western New Year.

Mascot Five Fortunes Golden Cow Red String Bracelet 2021 Chinese Ox New Year Tradition Zodiac Lucky Blessing Bracelets DropShip

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