What Cancer season means for you?

The sun is shifting to Cancer. Here’s what that means for you…

The sun is shifting to cancer this week, and this will have some significant effects on all of us. We’ll be feeling more emotional than usual, and some of us may feel nostalgic and sentimental. It’s a time when we should nurture ourselves and our loved ones. With this in mind, here are some crystals that will help to balance and heal emotions during this cancer season.

Pink Opal Lucky Knot Infinity Ring US $8.99
Hope • Love • Emotional Healing
*A powerful stone for emotional healing
*Balances emotions
*Heals matters of the heart
Natural Opal Pixiu Positivity and Luck Bracelet US $9.95
Hope • Love • Emotional Healing
​*Heartbroken? Hold the opal over heart chakra for healing
*Fills the aura with peaceful energies
*Enhances cosmic consciousness
Luck and Love Moonstone Ring US $7.95
*Deflects negative energy and eases emotional trauma
*Connects you with the energies and spirits of nature
*Provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and the senses. 
Pure Silver Natural Moonstone Ring US $9.95
*Aids in lucid dreaming and calm sleep
*Brings comfort and spiritual guidance in difficult times
*Provides good fortune, balance and strength
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