Top Trinkets with Healing Properties

September is the month of self-improvement and healing. And what better way to begin your healing journey than with some powerful and beautiful healing crystals? Here are some you’ll really love.

Green Eye Obsidian Healing Bracelet
-Brings pleasure and enjoyment to life
-Clears old energy and past loves
-Connects you with buried issues before they explode

Natural Moldavite Healing Pendant
-Accelerates personal and spiritual evolution
-Balances your thoughts and emotions
-Shields you from negative vibrations

Natural Garnet Lucky Charm Healing Bracelet
-Cleanses mind, body and spirit
-Changes old behaviors and ideas
-Purifies and detoxifies energies in your body

Tiger Eye and Hematite Good Luck and Healing Bracelet
-Releases fear and anxiety
-Brings harmony and balance
-Helps in wise decision-making

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