The Supremacy of Heaven Energy Plate and the supremacy of heaven energy activator charms.

The newest feng shui cures and enhancers for 2022, and the years ahead, the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Plate and the supremacy of heaven energy activator charms.

This very special plate, is suitable to be placed in the center of your home to inject powerful celestial energy into your living space, to overcome any harmful energy, and usher in a lot of good luck. These new feng shui cures and enhancers for the year of the water tiger, the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Plate, and the Supremacy Of Heaven Charms with Hanging Pendants.

The Supremacy of Heaven Energy Wheel features six auspicious Feng Shui celestial guardians – the Dragon Tortoise, Pi Yao, Chi Lin or (Dragon Horse), Heavenly Ox, Wind horse and Celestial Deer. They represent pure heaven energy and each of them symbolizing, or signifying a very specific power and bringing their own type of unique good fortune luck.

The size of the plate is, 8 cm in diameter, and weigh about 1,166.5 grams.

The Pixiu or Pi yao attracts good luck and garners the support of Tai Sui God of the Year to your side. It is said to Guard the Home and Ward off Evil Spirits, acquire and Preserve Wealth, improve Fortune, and drive away undesired romance. If you want to learn more about Pixiu, you can watch my video about it. The link is given on the description below.

The Chi Lin attracts Hu Tuo luck and career luck, and dispels ignorance. It is also called the Dragon Horse.

The Heavenly Ox epitomizes productivity, strength and persistence. Heavenly Ox signifies strong strength, persistence and productivity.

The Wind horse vanquishes competition and brings victory and success. The Dragon Tortoise offers support, stability and sustenance.

The Celestial Deer signifies happiness and good health and protects against illness or sickness. The Celestial Deer hence epitomizes health and longevity.

Place the “Supremacy of Heaven Energy” Plate in the living room, or center of your home or office in 2022, to imbue your living space with powerful celestial energy to override any harmful energies. This helps attract powerful benevolent Heavenly energy to control and neutralize the malevolent Earth energy of the #5 Misfortune Star, which gets strengthened by the central Earth energy this year. This will dissolve all negative energies, and to usher or bring in an abundance of good fortune. It is also a great Feng Shui enhancer to activate the #6 Heaven Star, and an effective cure to transform harmful energy into beneficial one.

Another alternative to this cure is the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Activator Amulet Charm. This Great Feng Shui Activator features the 6 special symbols with the 6 powerful celestial guardians which are the Dragon Tortoise, Pi Yao, Chi Lin, Heavenly Ox, Windhorse, and Celestial Deer, that represent pure heaven energy, bringing their own unique variety of good fortune luck. Hang the Supremacy of heaven Energy activator on your bag, it can be used as Feng Shui enhancers for the Heavenly star 6 & also used as a Feng Shui cures for the misfortune star 5. This dissolve all negative energies and bring in an abundance of good fortune.

THESE ITEMS ARE BLESSED, ENERGIZED AND ACTIVATED BEFORE DELIVERY. Our goal is to satisfy every customer. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please email us. To order these items, please visit our online store:

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