Ophiria’s Overall Lucky Charm Bracelets Collection

We are launching our very own lucky charm bracelet collections. High Quality Charm Bracelets overall good luck charm bracelet with certificate.

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Most of them includes lucky symbols like the following:

MONEY BAR – are an ancient Chinese gold medium for exchanging expensive goods. They are made to look like a smiley face because gold ingots trigger happiness when one sees it. Gold ingots have been designed by ancient Feng Shui masters with a perfect shape to emit wealth chi. They were owned in ancient times by high ranking officials, emperors, and tycoons only. Gold ingots are highly recommended by all Feng Shui masters as the symbol of wealth and abundance.

Gourd/WU LUO is said to provide good health and longevity. Those who may already have an illness or those who are afflicted by the Illness Star will benefit from carrying this symbol. The Wu Lou, also known as the Hu Lu or calabash is an important tool used in enhancing the effects of Feng Shui. This special bottle gourd has been an icon of longevity, good health, and prosperity for many centuries.

The traditional of the Wu Lou started in ancient China, when gourds served the purpose of carrying water on long embarkments. In addition to simply water, medicine was also stored in the gourds; this is where the image of it as a “symbol of health, vitality and immortality ” was derived.

The shape itself of the Wu Lou plays an important role in its image; it is a depiction of heaven and earth unified. The top half of the gourd symbolizes heaven, and the bottom half is earth. The use of the gourd by humans indicates the harmony between earth, heaven and humanity.

LAUGHING BUDDHA – is believed to be a symbol that brings prosperity to one’s life. Of all the Buddha symbols, this is the most popular one. It can bring happiness, wealth, and prosperity in a personal and professional sphere. In personal life, the Laughing Buddha is believed to bring happiness. But when one looks at the meaning of feng shui symbols, one can understand that the Laughing Buddha is more of a sign for financial well-being. This Laughing Buddha hanging will help to sweep away your worries, stress, problems, anger and sadness. The Laughing Buddha also helps usher in good fortune and prosperity.

In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha, also known by Buddhists as Matreiya, is one of the most supreme symbols of happiness, joy and prosperity. In addition to revitalizing any dead or negative chi and relieving tension, he is also believed to summon fortune and riches for all family members.

MONEY COIN – symbolize prosperity, abundance and good fortune, the circle in the center represent the chi of heaven. The Union of heaven and earth will be the most effective for the attracting flow of prosperity and good luck to your life – this will keep wealth energy constantly beside you, ensure a greater flow of monetary gains, attracting the energy of wealth and money. Protection and good luck cure.

Pi Yao or Pixiu, the most powerful money catcher, driving out negative energy and attracting good luck. It is a very auspicious celestial creature believed to offer its owner a minimum of eight blessings:

1. Brings fortune and good tidings 2. Generates good Feng Shui or Earth luck 3. Attracts wealth and prosperity 4. Safeguards the home and the residents in it 5. Exterminates evil, adversity and obstacles 6. Summons windfall luck 7. Protects from accident during travel 8. Appeases Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter)

Thousand hands Kuan Yin – There are a thousand eyes on the palms of the thousand hands which give Kuan Yin omnipresent powers to monitor the world in every direction at any given time and to sense for afflictions of humanity. The thousand arms also enable this Goddess of Infinite Mercy to scatter blessings and to ‘lend a helping hand’ to alleviate the sufferings of other beings. Kuan Yin is the short form Chinese name for Guan Shi Yin where Guan means to watch, monitor and observe; Shi means the world; Yin means sounds, specifically sounds of people suffering on earth. Guan Shi Yin is thus the “One Who Hears the Cries of the World”. Those who are in need of this Goddess’ aid need simply to cry out her name; she will assist those trying to overcome depression, grief, relationship issues, family drama, illness, death of loved ones and other major obstacles in life.

When in distress, one must chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” (the potent Buddhist mantra) in front of her image. Kuan Yin will then protect you, your family and your business from evil. Like a child calling its mother, people depend on the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, grateful for her promptness and immediacy. Once this Bodhisattva is called upon, she will serve to rid the caller’s life of suffering, transforming it into joy and happiness.

LUCKY FROG – A fortune or the 3-legged frog is a symbol of promises and great prosperity. It is a symbol of endless flow of income into your household. The Money Frog is a powerful symbol of prosperity that is used extensively to attract wealth to luck in Feng Shui.

The Money Frog, also recognized by name the “Three Legged Toad ”, “Wealth Toad” or “Chinese Frog”, is the celestial and mythical creature, emerging every full moon to bring with it wealth and good fortune. It is one of the most prominent symbols of prosperity and monetary gain in Feng Shui, and can often be spotted beside cash registers, receptions and owners’ desks all across Asia.

In ancient Chinese folklore, the Money Frog was the wife of a renowned man who attained the Elixir of Mortality from Hsi Wang Mu, the Goddess of the West. The frog, who at that time was still a maiden, was jealous and so stole the elixir from her husband. As retribution by the other gods, she was transformed into a three-legged frog and sentenced to reside on the moon. Because of this, the Money Frog is always seen sitting on a bed of treasure, carrying two strings of coins and biting one in the mouth – her natural greed requires that she be always surrounded by riches. This is why she is such a strong symbol of prosperity that is used extensively to attract wealth to luck.

Arowana is a symbol of a good harvest. Arowana are believed for bringing all kinds of blessings. By business mean they are called “wealth fish” and strength is known for providing protection and supporting surrounding chi flow. Because the Chinese word for fish, Yu sounds very much like surplus and abundance, and the Arowana is considered most auspicious among water dwelling creatures, this symbolism is extra potent.

The Arowana have long been kept by Chinese businessmen in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand to help bring good fortune. Arowana are said to give you the power to overcome any challenge, helping you be sharp and on point to reach your goal. They are especially treasured by successful businessmen for their symbolism of wealth and great fortune.

The Peanut symbolizes growth because of how it sounds in Chinese and is a Feng Shui symbol for abundance and for wealth.

The Lotus is known by the Chinese as “Lian Hua”, is an icon of wholesomeness, harmony, peace and purity. “Lian” sounds similar to the word for “successive”, and symbolizes good inheritor luck. According to Feng Shui experts, this flower is said to replace negative energy with positive chi, clearing the mind and causing a clarity to achieve enlightenment.

There are much symbolism in Chinese folklore which depict the importance of the Lotus. In Taoist religion, Ho Hsien Ku (one of the Eight Immortals and the icon of marriage and love luck) carries a Lotus flower with her. Because the Lotus grows in the water and blossoms its way through the layer of mud, it is a representation of overcoming obstacles in life. Also, because the leaves of this flower protect fish (which are an emblem of abundance) the Lotus will protect your riches.

The Rhinoceros and Elephant are a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be it against robbery, accidents, office drama or betrayal, especially against the #7 Violent Star in Period 8. The Rhinoceros and the Elephant have attained these attributes due to their formidable strength and size in the animal kingdom, their protective and resilient nature as an animal, and how they are aggressive towards any other threatening beasts. It is for protection against harmful energies and dishonest individuals.

The Infinity 8 sign is a lovely way to symbolize your everlasting feelings and good fortune.​

Money Bag is a particularly promising symbol of prosperity, wealth and success in Feng Shui. By using a Money Bag, you are attracting wealth luck from all directions. It is for this reason that many persons in the field of sales, business and speculative investments seek money bags.

The Dragon is the symbol of precious yang energy, male strength, potent fertility, prosperity and courage, while the Phoenix is symbolizes yin, female enchantment, happiness, high rank and magnificence. When apart, they will serve to be very useful Feng Shui symbols – The Dragon brings good fortune, vitality and essence of life, while the Phoenix brings hope, opportunities and fame. However, when in union, they will bring out the best of the yin and yang harmony, symbolizing the perfect unity between a man and a woman. They will create an environment in which a beautiful love can blossom, and in which many healthy children can be born and raised. Perched atop a giant Gold Ingot with a Double Happiness symbol, together they activate marriage luck, strong generational legacy, descendant luck, prosperity and happiness!

Mantra Fortune Ruyi or the “scepter of power”, is one of the most influential feng shui symbol of authority, power and command. In ancient China, the Ru Yi was used by almost everyone in the Imperial courts and offices, as well as government officials and Dynasty empresses. It was created with precious and beautiful gems, such as jade or gold cloisonné, and has the auspicious symbolism of ease in endeavors as well as increased luck in new ventures. The Ru Yi has been held by many important figures in hopes of bringing higher authority and greater power; some of these deities were Tua Peh Kong, Laughing Buddha, and the central figure of the Fuk Luk Sau (3-Star Gods)..

The Ruyi is a very useful tool to have when one is in search of enhanced effectiveness as a boss or leader, or wishes to be promoted to a higher position in their career. It can be used not only in business, but also in general life. It is a necessity for people such as CEOs, directors, managers or politicians, all of whom are seeking to climb further up on the ladder of their career. Placing it on a work desk in a prominent position is believed to cause the Feng Shui Ru Yi to create a unique chi, which will have the ability to increase career luck, generate respect and recognition, and create a smooth flow in all business ventures embarked upon.

Mystic knot – has always been a good luck symbol for the Chinese. It has been used for many centuries, being woven onto the robes adorned by the imperial Emperors of China – this was done to dictate the immortality that they possessed.

This good luck charm is said to have the magical effect of curing untamed tempers. It will bring a calm and sensibility in situations that demand it; simply rubbing the knot when you are feeling irritated or impatient will relieve your stress and allow for mental clarity. The same goes for fear; holding and rubbing this Mystic Knot when you are fearful will create a sense of stability and safety. It is for these reasons that this lucky charm should always be in close reach; the same goes for those who are making long journeys abroad, because it will provide a safeguard against dangers such as accidents, thefts and kidnaps. The Mystic Knot also acts as a potent love charm that is said to improve your relationship luck. In short, the existence of this lucky charm in your life will create benefits in all the aspirations and goals that you have.

Evil eye or Lucky Eye, Nazar eye or Greek Evil Eye is a famous Mediterranean symbol for protection against the “Evil Eye” or not-so-well-meaning people with the eyes of jealousy and envy who harbor ill-intention towards your family, achievement and good fortune, despite their praises and compliments. The Evil Eye amulet is also said to offer happiness to the friends and the beloved ones. It offers a layer of protection against envy or gossip. Jealousy or strong competition can cause people to say or do harmful things and carrying this Feng Shui amulet provides a protection against it. Anyone can use this amulet but it is particularly beneficial for anyone who faces affliction from the #7 Betrayal/Loss Star or the #3 Quarrelsome Star. It helps overcome the competition in whatever area of life it encounters. It is also ideal for those involved in competitive or political arena.

Tree of life to attract excellent business luck, good opportunities and wealth luck. Exciting news will come to the household and everyone will be blessed with positive cosmic energy.

Fox anti-third party. Suspecting your other half is being unfaithful or having an extra-marital affair? Or worried that it will happen? This Infidelity Protection Amulet carved fox crystal is specially designed to deter “Huli Jing” or third party from seducing and snatching your spouse away. “Huli Jing”, according to Chinese tales and legends, is a fox-spirit that has mastered the magic of shape-shifting, among others. These spirits (Yin) require the soul of mortals (Yang) to maintain their powers and they are particularly interested in the vital essence released during sexual orgasm. In order to extract this energy, they would transform into young and beautiful women and seduce men into sleeping with them, after which the prey will wither and die. This is how today, “Huli Jing” has become a colloquial term for women who seduce married men aka home wreckers.

In ancient China, the abacus was an instrument used to calculate transactions and trade deals by clerks and merchants across the lands. It is where the modern day calculator derived from – it was a board with many levels of sticks, on which little beads could be pushed back and forth to symbolize numbers and figures.

Due to its history of clever working and problem solving, the Abacus is now a symbol of prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies. It is used widely by people of high monetary position, such as entrepreneurs and corporation leaders. It is believed to help increase the income of businessmen, store owners and fiscal planners, ensuring that no amount of money goes uncounted. It will also benefit the careers of those involved with the stock market, banks, and trading industries.

The Abacus is said to be a very useful tool for students who are looking to excel in the subjects of accounting, mathematics, economics or physics. This tool is believed to enhance the ability to think quantitatively, and be more nimble with numbers. For individuals in the career fields of science, engineering or mathematics, an Abacus upon the work desk is reputed to increase your numerical intelligence.

The most common fengshui use of the butterfly symbol is as fengshui cure for love and romance, probably because love is the most transformative feeling that makes you feel like flying. Butterflies also evoke a sense of vulnerable, awe-inspiring and joyful beauty that can only be compared with the feeling of being in love.

All bracelets in this collection are made of genuine stones and crystals and the metal parts are either 10k US gold or 10K gold filled. 10K gold is harder than 24K gold hence more durable. We can also customize but the processing time will be longer. You can choose any symbol or symbols you want and the type of crystals or stones you prefer. Please ask for a quotation. Please check this video for your Chinese Zodiac Over All Lucky charm bracelet.

All our Feng Shui products will be cleansed and infused with positive energy before shipping.

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