Make a lucky bowl for wealth and prosperity

If you believe in the power of Lucky Charms or Feng shui cures and Enhancers, I suggest you to make this lucky bowl to display in your home or office to attract wealth and prosperity. We have all these items you need in our store.

You need the following:

Glass bowl, preferably red or orange. Se other models here

Himalayan salt. Buy it here.
This salt can drive away bad energy from our home or business that give us a lot of problems, bad luck, fighting within the family and even bankruptcy.

Choose your favorite Pyrite stone here. It’s enough with 1 pce.

Jade or Citrine crystal ball or any crystal you want for your intentions.

Shell (ammonite) continuous luck,


Bay leaf

See the source image

Pour the salt into the bowl. While pouring it, make your wish, every thing you want, even the impossible. You may never know, your wishes may come true, so make your wishes huge! It’s free.
Line all the items over the salt. Write the amount of money you have been wishing for on the bay leaf and place it into the salt.
Put this in your living room or in your store or office for a continues flow of luck, drive away negative energy that brings you bad luck and bad fortune.

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