Harness the power of affirmation

Affirmations are an amazing way to bring good things like money, love and happiness, into your life. Anyone can practice affirmations and they can be done anywhere, making them a fantastic way to manifest your dreams and goals.

How do you use affirmations?

• Decide what you want to manifest, and choose an affirmation that resonates with you
• Combine your affirmation with a crystal for powerful results
• Hold the trinket in your hands and repeat the affirmation three times aloud
• Repeat as often as your intuition tells you to

Affirmations to try today

Affirmation: “I attract good luck and love into my life “
Stone: Jade, protector and attractor of love
Recommended trinket: Love and Good Luck Jade Bracelet

Affirmation: “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly”
Stone: Citrine, for attracting money, positivity and abundance
Recommended trinket: Citrine The God Of Wealth Bracelet

Affirmation: “Today, I will be happy, confident, and successful”
Stone: Chalcedony, absorbs negativity and promotes wisdom
Recommended trinket: Natural White Chalcedony Positivity Bracelet

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July 13, 2024

I found this article to be both engaging and educational. The points made were compelling and well-supported. Let’s talk more about this. Check out my profile for more interesting reads.

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