Hanging Faceted Crystals Stimulates Wealth and Prosperity

A crystal placed in the south-east, north-west, or center of a room can aid in stimulating prosperity. Only the finest quality lead crystal is used which makes them the most valued type of crystal. Each is made with a hole for hanging in your window or attaching to projects.

How to use faceted crystals in feng shui to attract wealth and prosperity?
Colored faceted crystals can be used all over the house.

Use the colors below as your guide. When purchasing a crystal make sure that a red string is attached to help activate the crystal.
Gold — Enhances earth corners, relationships, helpful people corner
Green – Enhances wood corners, wealth corner
Purple – Enhances the wealth and prosperity corner
Red – Enhances the fame and reputation corner
Pink – Enhances the marriage, women and relationship corner
Blue – Enhances the career, wealth, health and family corners
Clear – Enhances all corners

Crystals draw positive energy to your space. The lotus flower represents peace and purity and symbolizes, that whenever trouble comes up, no matter how dark the waters may get, you can rise above and let the beautiful flower inside your heart bloom. Surround yourself with these beautiful crystal lotus flowers, put them close to a window, and they will reflect sunlight and peaceful energy in your environment.

10 ways you might not have thought of before that will give you plenty of ways to use these lovely crystals all around your home

1. Stop clashing elements
2. Curb running chi
3. Cures poison arrows
4. Promotes mentor and helpful people luck
5. Complete missing corners
6. Enhance love luck
7. Stops Jade 3
8. Arguing doors
9. Promote concentration
10. Activate earth energies

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