Feng Shui tips to make a happy home

Have you ever wondered how to attract good vibes and harmony to your home? Today’s post is for you.
Here are some great tips to make sure the energy in your home brings you peace and joy. 

  1. Slow the Chi
    If there is a direct line of sight between your front and back doors, chi energy may be traveling through your home too fast. Slow down the flow of energy by placing art, trinkets, or a rug in the hallway.
    I recommend the Feng Shui Lucky Chakra Money Tree Bring Wealth, Health, and Protection.
  2. Place water at the door
    Place a water element such as a fountain near the entrance to your home. The water should be flowing toward the center of your home so that wealth can pour into your life.
    I recommend the Indoor Waterfall/Fountain. We have several styles and price levels. Please visit our online store.
  3. Balance the elements
    You should ideally have a good balance of all fice elements in your home: earth, wood, fire, water, and metal. To much of one element can cause an imbalance.
    My recommendation is to have a Feng Shui Wealth Pixiu Brass Statue.
  4. Remove negative symbolism
    If you’re facing problems in your home life, check to see if any negative imagery is in your home and remove it. Surround yourself with only positive images like the Luck and Wealth Piyao Citrine Figurine.
  5. Color your home
    Choose the colors for your home carefully, but don’t use too much color. The space should feel calm and serene.
    I recommend these Seven-star Ball Guardian Home Repair Decorations.
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