Lucky Colors for 2020

2020 is said to be the Year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese calendar. It is composed of the elements Water and Metal which is symbolized by the colors white, gold and blue.

These colors are believed to bring you good luck in the coming year, especially if you use them on your clothes, accessories and home decor.

However, since the Year of the Rat celebrates only two elements, the three other elements, namely wood, fire, and earth, are said to be deficient during certain parts of the year. So in order to get a well-balanced representation of all the elements during the entire 2020, there are corrective and complementary colors that represent these elements — green (wood), red (fire), yellow (earth) — which should also be part of your entire 2020 aesthetic.

So to get you off to a lucky start in 2020, allow us to take care of these 3 colors for you.

Dark Edition God of Wealth Bracelet
We’ve got all the 5 elements covered with this one. This bracelet is blessed with wealth and prosperity coming from the God of wealth himself usually seen riding a black tiger with a golden rod in hand.

Red Agate Pixiu Wealth Bracelet
The bold, red color of this agate bracelet is not just a dramatic accessory. It has the power to sharpen the mind’s capabilities and is an attractor of wealth as well. The pixiu talisman brings in riches and prevents it from leaving the home or workplace.

Double Pixiu gold Wealth Bangle
You’ll never luck out if you have 2x as much drawing power when it comes to wealth and riches. This stunning gold-plated bangle has 2 Pixiu charms because when it comes to luck, 2 talismans are certainly better than one.

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