What is Tourmaline?

The meaning of Tourmaline, properties and uses of Tourmaline.

Tourmaline was sometimes called the “Ceylonese Sri Lankan Magnet” because it could attract and then repel hot ashes due to its pyroelectric properties. Tourmaline were used by chemists in the 19th century to polarize light by shining rays onto a cut and polished surface of the gem. Tourmaline carries the frequency of natural joy and beauty. It comes in a wide variety of types and colors. Watermelon tourmaline combines pink and green tourmaline, bringing the energies of both and creating an ideal stone for working with the heart. Black tourmaline is one of the best protection crystals available and widely used for metaphysical work. Pink tourmaline is beneficial for emotional healing.

Black Tourmaline as a Gemstone
Tourmaline comes in several colors, like black, red, pink, green, and a green and pink combo called watermelon tourmaline. Black tourmaline is sometimes called schorl. Black tourmaline is the most affordable color.Uses: Empaths, Grounding, Mental Health, Protection, PurificationType of: TourmalineColor: Black Gemstones

Tourmaline As a Gemstone
Tourmaline is a silicate mineral with a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s scale. It is found all over the world and comes in a variety of colors including shades of red, pink, yellow, black, green, and blue. Although it can be found many places, fine specimens useful for jewelry are still considered rare and valuable. It occurs naturally in columnar formations that are often triangular in cross-section.
Uses: Anxiety & Depression, Joy

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