Launching of Membership Program on YouTube Community

Join me on the Launching of the Membership Program on my YouTube Community and get 15% discount on our online store

This video is about launching of my channel membership program. The membership program has 4 levels, the higher the level, the more benefits you get. The explanation of each membership shows, if you click each of them when you join.

1. the basic level, which entitles you to join me in live chat every day, between 4 and 5 PM Central European Time. You may ask something about feng shui your lucky charms, and such basic questions. This time can be flexible according to members’ availability and suggestion. You may also request a 20-minute chat with me, if I am available.

2. The intermediate level, which entitles you the perk on level one, plus a 15% discount every time you make a purchase order on my online store. You will get a code to use when placing your order.

3. is the Premium membership, which gives you the previous perks plus a feng shui consultation that will guide you to feng shui your home and your everyday life. The result will be e-mailed to you as a PDF file, within 7 days, for future reference. Please e-mail me your full name, date of membership, level of membership, and your exact date of birth, and what country you were born in. You may also suggest something that I can include to your result. The result will be e-mailed to you within 7 days after you e-mail your personal information.

4. is the highest level, the super fan membership, which qualifies you to all the previous perks plus a direct contact with me on my personal accounts on social media. I will be glad to be your friend if you want me to be, of course! So, I really hope you support me on this program. Have a great time, everyone!

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May 22, 2023

Hi madam, i’ve watched and subscribed your youtube channel and read your online history story and visit your online store. I am an online seller of lucky bracelettes, a filipina staying in small island of Saipan near Guam USA married to a local loving guy. Name is Petty and currently a general merchandise online seller of healthy products, beauty and lucky charms. Been a fanatic since 2018 since my brother had a cancer whom died last year. I purchase my pixiu obsidian citrine bracelettes at Buddha Store or Inner Wisdom online stores and suddenly i dug into it and would want my customers to be happy and be guided to my products then i bumped into you via youtube channel. I AM WILLING TO LEARN AND BE A STUDENT on these products and know the real or legit ones from fake whos on the market right now. I would like to educate my customers and what to do to or not wear. I like to value and respect the usage of these products not just for fashion but for it’s real purpose. That’s all for now i would like to know. Thank you so much and God bless you.

May 26, 2023

Cant wait for my bracelets to come.

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